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[Website] No Smoking Hotel

A few months ago, Masanori asked me to help him out with publishing his online novel because Facebook didn’t accept everything what he wrote. So I told him, of course I will help you. I created a free WordPress website for him filled with his novel which is published in English and Japanese which I should maintain and update for him.
Also if he has questions around facebook or any other social media websites, I always help him out.

Masanori Yabuki is a Japanese vocalist of the band Ant1nett. He toured a lot around the world.
Of course his music is also added on this website.



[website] SONOB

This project is already a little bit older, but since this is charity work I also show this on this blog.

I’ve designed this website in 2014 for a non-profit foundation. I also keep it up to date.

SONOB are doing charity work for the poor people in Brazil. For the North East area. Province “Alagoas”.
Donation is always welcome.


currently offline.

[Website] DJ EVA

Burris asked me to create a website for DJ EVA.
However something happened between her and Burris and now, she asked a different person to do her website. (I’ve no clue what happened)
so  I sadly didn’t had a change to change this website into more what she loves. (-_-)

But of course I’ve made a back-up and this was what I made for her.  I also created the logo.



login: djeva
Pass: nd2016