Multi Bier

My work at Multi Bier

First some older work from 2009-2010

Multi Bier is a beverages wholesale business. The company sells a lot of famous beer brands from around the world. Also for liquor store’s it’s possible to sell beer with a private label.
Multi Bier also creates it’s own packages and other kind of products which liquor stores and supermarkets can sell.

I did do various things within the Graphic Design circle.
Creating beer labels, creating beer menu’s, creating new gift packaging, checking files on mistakes, size etc.
I also create digital mock-up from gift packaging. Also digital bottle mock-up. I do have a few samples of gift mock-up packaging however I cannot publish them in public yet, because the designs are not yet on the market.

I also helped out marketing to publish some web banners etc around the web. Also I helped out to send news letters to customers and I maintained the website a little bit. And of course also a formulier for a customer to order our products.

Beside that, I also create some other little stuff just for intern. For example pages on which a product is listed with all their information.
Also creating a standard print documents (in indesign) which we could use to print our labels more fast.

Sadly, my position as a designer will be end at October 31. Due changes inside the company… However until then, I hope to design a little bit more and to learn some more stuff.

Programms we work with
Laposta (to send newsletters)

Since I also worked at Multi Bier as an trainee you can find more works over HERE

My 2019 works. More will be added the upcoming 2 months.

Not used works

A drink menu card. Still creating.

A few things I designed for Uw Bierspecialist and Uw Drankspecialist.