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2015/11/05: Calamando Qual has announced at their one-man live "Carnival Of Freaks III" at Ebisu club aim that they will disband after their one-man live at Takadanobaba AREA at 2016/06/09

2015/06/05: Because of some "fan" trouble, there will be no longer cheki's sold from Calmando Qual support member Till.

2014/12/05: Calmando Qual worldwide support 2014 interview: HERE

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If you have ever any questions related to Calmando Qual. Then please contact me via facebook. Not using facebook you also can email me. Please check links and contact for the contact information.


Calmando Qual PV History, All PV's and a "few" bonus "LIVE" videos listed. Be free to help to make it complete! click on the image to view
The PV History page won't be updated anymore. But if you are still currious to something please contact me.

My own Collection (will be updated soon)click on the image to view

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Calmando Qual at Samurai Radio


I've made a special page, to introduce Samurai Radio to you. Samurai Radio? yes, the radio broadcast who aired Niji show where they did introduced Calmando Qual and who have broadcast the Calmando Qual concert and interview!
You can find the radio translated -> subtitled in Japanese and English.
You can find the interview translated -> Subtitled in English and Japanese.

We really want to thank Samurai Radio that they give us the permission to share it.
But we might only will stream it for a limited time. However please do not re-upload. Otherwise we will let Samurai Radio know.

Go to the special page HERE

Calmando Qual worldwide support interview 2013

Calmando Qual World Wide Support Magazine
Over here you will find all Calmando Qual World Wide Support Magazines.
Every month you will find a new issue! I'll will notice you at facebook and twitter
The newst will be FEBURARY 2014. Please look forward to it!!!

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