I’m Malou, I am a allround designer, I’m 31 years old and currently looking for a new job. I’m graduated as a Allround DTP-designer, However though the years I also worked as a Graphic Designer. Even if I didn’t always work at a company as a designer I still did do some freelance jobs to be able to fill up my portfolio time by time.

Even if I don’t live in Japan I do design for a few people over there. At the beginning a friend helped me with Japanese, currently those people I work with are alright with less formal Japanese. I’m still busy to learn Japanese, however I really need to find time to sit down and to learn it. But I never had any problem with any work I had made. All works I made for my Japanese customers also are printed in Japan. Also that never caused any problem, all products looked perfect.
Which I am totally happy about! It’s great to see my work also in Japan!

Anyway, of course I also worked for a few Dutch companies, as for my Internships and my current job, sadly my work contract of my current job won’t be extended due changes within the company. So I hope that someone want to hire me as a designer, Freelance is also alright! Designing is also a hobby of me.

Sadly I don’t have a BA degree, however through the years I gained lots of high experience.

Maybe you already have clicked around my portfolio, but if you didn’t I hope you will enjoy to discover everything I’ve created.

Be always free to contact me. I’m always happy to help out! Even if it’s only for 1 time. The Price is always arguable!

Hopefully I can mean something for your company.
I’m looking forward for any response.

Thank you for reading,

Your sincerely,

Malou van Hoof




Name:  van Hoof 
First name: Malou   
Address: please ask
Phone:  please ask
E-mail addres:
Birthday: 1988-09-03
Place of Birth: Palmeira dos Indios (Brazil)
Gender: Female
Nationality:  Dutch
Driver licence: Yes, AM, B & T
Electric Bicycle: Yes, max speed 26km.h

2009 – 2011:  Netherlands; De Eindhovenseschool, Eindhoven level 3
Study:  Alround-DTP
Subjects:   Mathematics,  physics,  Dutch, English, Graphic design Theory,  Graphic Design DTP Print  & DTP Web
Graduated:   July 2011

2005 – 2009:  Netherlands; De Eindhovenseschool, Eindhoven level  4
Study:   Multimedia Graphic design
Subjects:  Mathematics,  physics,  Dutch, English, Art, (Graphic) design theory,  Graphic Design DTP Print  & DTP Web, Webdesign, Video editing, animation, General Entrepreneurial Skills, etc
Graduated: No, I dropped out at the end of year 3.  But I learned a lot of every subject.

2003 – 2005: Netherlands: De Eindhovenseschool, Eindhoven
Study: VMBO kader
Subjects: Dutch, English, Mathematics, Physics, Graphic Design, Video editing, art,  Graphic design Theory,  Graphic Design DTP Print  & DTP Web.
Graduated:  July 2005

2001-2001: Netherlands: Varendonk College, Someren
Study: VMBO-vt
Subjects: Dutch, English, German (1year), French (2 years), Mathematics, Physics, History, Geography, care.
After those 2 years I switched from school.

Work experience:
2005 – 2010:  Harvesting asparagus / Planting asparagus etc. (season work)
2011.07 -2012.08:  Verhaak b.v Allround-DTP & Graphic Design
2012.12 – 2013.02:  Cleaner / Asito Limburg Noord B.V.
2013.01 – 2013.03:  wrapper / Rogon B.V.
2014.04 – 2014.06:  Growing Employee / gebroeders raijmakers
2014.12 – 2019.03 :  delivering the morning newspaper. (4am~7am, 6 days a week)
2017.06 – 2019.03 Post delivering for SANDD
2019-03 – 2019.10: Multi Bier/ Multi Cadeau  – All Round DTP & Graphic Design.

2007-2008: Cebra BV (3D – internship)
3D specialist, creating houses in 3Dmax

2009 – 2010: 
Multi Cadeau (Graphic Design  internship)
Job:     Grafisch designer. Creating beer and wine labels and gift packaging.

2010: Eindhoven packaging (DTP-internship)
I didn’t learn a lot there, since they didn’t really had time to teach me, but I’ve seen how packages are made.

2011 Verhaak b.v
Job: Allround-DTP /  Graphic designer / Website maintainer / Intership (2011.01~2011.06)
All-round creation of stationary supplies (School/office), creating sales books, creating displays, taking photos for webshop and sale books. My work work also got sold in a big store called “ACTION”


2012    Website for Welzijn praktijk Deurne  (currently offline)

2012 – 2015       ROADIE & Designer voor ASTAN-MAGAZINE
2012/03/19  – Band Megaromania
2012/12/19  -Band BLACK LINE
2013/03/2&3 – Band Amaranyx
2013/05/18&19 – Calmando Qual & Plunklock
2013/07/12~17 Band ADAMS
2013/07/14 Bands ADAMS, Gothika & VANIRU
2014/02/21 Band LEDApple
I also designed some webbanners.

2014 – 2019: Webdesigner and maintainer for SONOB (stichting ontwikkelingshulp N.O.-Brazilië) (Website is offline because the non-profit foundation has stopped, however I do have a back-up)

2016.19.03:  Roadie for a day for Triple A Unit, concert Netherlands

2016~current Freelance (Web)designer for Double River Record. (Nagoya Japan)

2017~Current Freelance (web)designer for King Zeebra (Osaka, Japan) 

2017.10:~ Current: Freelance Manga Typsetter / Manga logo cover creater
For Mugen Creations LLC – Shinjuku, Tokyo

Adobe:  Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver, Premiere, Aftereffects, Audition, etc
Webcodes:   HTML5 & CCS3, little bit Javascript/jQuery 
CMS:  cutenews, wordpress, MAG, WIX
Webshops:  basic install and maintaining.
Webmailings: Laposta

Dutch (Mother language), English  & German.
Japanese; basic only, still learning.

Hobbies: Designing, Gunpla, Bicycling, reading manga, drawing, visiting Tokyo, Japanese rock’n’roll. 

NOTE: I have dyslexia. This means that I never be able to learn a language perfect. However I give my best!!